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Coenzyme Q10 is a compound made by your body that helps generate energy within your cells' mitochondria. Cellular energy is essential for all bodily functions and protects the body against foreign pathogens such as bacterias and viruses. Thus, without energy, you would be unable to survive.


Although the body naturally produces CoQ10, its production and hence its levels decrease with age. In addition, other nutritional and genetic causes may also lower CoQ10 levels. Fortunately, CoQ10 exists in many food substances as well as supplements which can counteract this decrease.

In addition to generating energy, CoQ10 has also shown to be beneficial in many heart, brain, and autoimmune conditions. Therefore, CoQ10 has been the subject of extensive research in recent times. Here, we discuss all the major proven benefits of CoQ10.

Functions as an antioxidant:


Free radicals are dangerous and highly reactive substances that cause extensive damage to cells, DNA, and other internal structures. Therefore, they are associated with the development of several health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and brain disease.


CoQ10 helps generate energy within cells by forming the energy-rich compound adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Furthermore, ATP also serves as an intermediate compound to many antioxidant compounds, which can neutralize free radicals preventing them from causing damage.

Thus, owing to the antioxidant effect of CoQ10, it prevents the development of many chronic and debilitating disorders.

Protects the Skin:

Your skin is routinely exposed to potentially harmful agents ranging from rough, abrasive surfaces to UV rays from the sun. In addition, free radicals and other internal agents also damage skin cells. This can lead to fragile and wrinkled skin.

CoQ10, when applied directly to the skin, is effective at combating both internal and external stresses. In fact, a study showed that the incidence of skin cancer was greater in people with low levels of CoQ10. Thus, if you want your skin not only to look good but also to remain healthy, CoQ10 supplementation may be the way forward for you.

Provides New Life To An Ailing Heart:

Heart failure is defined as the inability of the heart to function to meet the body's metabolic needs. Although it has many causes, most of them also are associated with increased production of free radicals.


Increased CoQ10 can help restore cardiac function by boosting energy production while simultaneously protecting the heart from free radical damage. In addition, several high-quality randomized controlled trials have shown that high levels of CoQ10 not only reduces hospitalization and improves the quality of life in affected patients but also prevent potentially fatal complications.

Can’t Wait to Give CoQ 10 a try?

Although not yet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, studies have shown CoQ 10 to be safe even in high doses. Generally, though, the Ubiquinol form of CoQ 10 is best absorbed and recommended by doctors, including Dr. David Sinclair, Co-director at the Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard, in dosages of 200mg/ day.


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